By incorporating traditional methods of harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring and bolstering them with innovative solutions, BloomOptix assists clients’ understanding of their waterbodies through a suite of analyses of various data sources.

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  • 94% accuracy in classification across 6 cyanobacteria genera

  • Unlimited testing and sample upload

  • Results within 30 seconds of image upload

  • Automated weather and geolocation data tracking and archiving

  • Database creation, storage and management

  • Year-end reports on HAB drivers and trends

With minimal training time, BloomOptix AI produces timely and actionable data in seconds!

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  • Freshwater AI

    Unlimited HAB testing and sample upload with real-time results

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  • Marine AI

    Marine HAB or organism monitoring with unlimited data archiving

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  • Developer Program

    Custom-built BloomOptix AI to meet your sampling needs

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